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PAUT54A1: MiniCourse on LMI and SOS Methods in Control (16.5 Credit Hours)

A Course in Robust Control Theory: A Convex Approach
G. E. Dullerud and F. Paganini

Taught in January, 2013 at the University Joseph Fourier / Grenoble, INP

Introduction: This class considers the basics of modern optimal control theory, with an emphasis on convex optimization and Linear Matrix Inequalities. We cover Mathematical Analysis, State-State Theory, Linear Systems Theory and H-infinity and H-2 optimal control using LMI formulations.

Lectures: A Convex Approach to Systems and Controls Theory

[Lecture 1] - Introduction to Optimal Control via LMIs (130 slides)

[Lecture 2] - Nonlinear Systems Theory (57 slides)

[Lecture 3] - Sum-of-Squares with Application to Robust Control and Nonlinear Analysis (68 slides)

[Lecture 4] - Advanced Topics and Application of SOS (56 slides)