Sponsored Research Projects:

"ATTENTION: Development of the educational material on this website was supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants No. 1100376, 1151018, 1301851, 1301660, 1538374."

NSF 1538374: Stability Analysis of Large-Scale Nonlinear Systems using Parallel Computation

NSF 1301660 (1151018): Solving Large Sum-of-Squares Optimization Problems in Control by Exploiting the Parallel Structure of Polya’s Algorithm

NSF 1301851 (1100376)

Salt River Project 2015: Quantifying the Benefits and Optimal Use of Battery Storage for SRP and Solar Customers with Demand Charges

Salt River Project 2016: The Effect of Dynamic Variability in Renewable Generation on Resource Planning and Reserve Activation

ONR 2016-2020: Octopus-Inspired Autonomous Arms for Soft Robots with Adaptive Motions